The overwhelming response to this question is NO [in one form or another]. If individuals/families could live The American Dream for $37.50 every six months, do you realize how much MORE money individuals/families would be able to save? So, here is my rebuttal to the above statement. If consumers can spend MOST their money collectively in the Marketplace, why not create your own Network of members and Marketplace that gives money back to members of the Network? This way, members of the Network can convert their buying power into "leverage and opportunity". Wait a minute.... That actually makes A LOT of sense with ENDLESS possibilities!!!     





It all starts by clicking on the "Click To Spin"image below. You will see detailed information about each of the images illustrated on the wheel. After 7 clicks you will NOT be able spin the wheel any longer. You can “refresh” your browser to have more clicks.



I Got My 3 "Discounted Membership Products and Services" combined Networking, Technology, Social Media, and Online Shopping into ONE Platform. Since each of the FOUR components add a special value to our membership, let's take a closer at each of them. 


The "OLD" Traditional Way is all about consumers "spending" money in the Marketplace. Our "NEW" Traditional Way allows members of our Network the opportunity to "receive" money from our Marketplace. If members of our Network are willing to refer NEW members to our Network, you can earn Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, Paying It Forward Benefits, and other membership benefits. Keep in mind, members of our Network can receive [limited] membership benefits WITHOUT referring other members. 


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Reward Points:    


 Bonus Bucks:



Paying It Forward Benefits: 



M.A.P. Program: 

To qualify for our M.A.P. Program, members of our Network MUST refer 3 NEW members within 14 days after YOUR membership is approved. There will be NO exceptions!


The M.A.P. Program is your "secret weapon" to accumulating 1 MILLION Points EVERY 15 months. Keep in mind, the M.A.P. Points you convert into cash will count towards your 1 MILLION maximum allowance. After reaching the 1 MILLION maximum [or withdrawing all your M.A.P. Points before reaching the 1 MILLION Maximum] you will have the opportunity to re-enroll back into the M.A.P. Program. There is a $25.00 enrollment fee EACH time you enroll into the M.A.P. Program.         


Social Media Platform: 


Our Social Media Platform is the "meeting place" where members of our Network have fun, make new friends, collaborate and Network. More importantly, when NEW members join our Network the FIRST place they visit on our website is the Social Media Platform. When they see members having fun and sharing their journey with other members it creates transparency and motivates them to refer other new members to our Network. This is why it's VERY important for members of our Network to stay active on our Social Media Platform.


This also why we created the TWO monthly contests for our Social Media Platform. 


1. Top 5 Credit Earners: Will share the total jackpot using the following percentage chart.



2. Top Credit Earner In Each State: The top credit earner in EACH State will receive $1.00 for EACH new member AND member paying their monthly subscription. *YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE MONEY FOR MEMBERS WITHIN THE STATE YOU RESIDE IN*. 


Each time a new member joins our Network AND each time a member pays their monthly subscription fee [ONE DOLLAR] will be added to each of the TWO monthly contests. Both contests will start over each month to assure every member of our Network has a fair chance to win each month. Both contest will end on the LAST day of EACH month at 12:00 PM [midnight] EST. The winners of BOTH contests will receive their money on the 1st of the month. 










Click Here To See A More Detailed Compensation Chart


As you see, EACH and EVERY member of our Network has the opportunity to earn the SAME amount of Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, and Paying It Forward Benefits over the course of six months. More importantly, if you look VERY CLOSELY at the $63,975 total income potential, you will notice that MORE THAN HALF of that income potential is paid at the END of the six month membership. This should dispel ANY suggestions of I Got My 3 "DISCOUNT Membership Products and Services" being a "get rich quick scheme"!   


You will also notice in WEEKS 25-26 you receive A LOT more Reward Points AND Bonus Bucks than previous weeks. Why is that? Because, you will NO LONGER receive Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, and Paying It Forward Benefits after the six month membership expires. Members of our Network can RENEW their membership for another six months [pay the same 6 month membership fee] and receive the SAME amount of Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, and Paying It Forward Benefits as the previous six months "WITHOUT REFERRING ANY MORE MEMBERS"!


Unfortunately, the Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, and Paying It Forward Benefits will start all over again. The Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, and Paying It Forward Benefits you received in weeks 25-26 will help you financially for a few months until you accumulate more Reward Points and Bonus Bucks. 


Although, Reward Points and Bonus Bucks are paid on the 7th and 21st of each month. Our Paying It Forward Benefits are paid at the END of your six month membership! PLEASE keep in mind the following; the amount of Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, and Paying It Forward Benefits will depend upon how many NEW members join YOUR Network over the course of six months. Only ACTIVE members are eligible to receive Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, Paying It Forward Benefits, and other membership benefits. 


I Got My 3 "Discount Membership Products and Services" makes NO guarantee as to the amount of Reward Points, Bonus Bucks, and Paying It Forward Benefits ANY member of our Network can earn over the course of six months. The amount illustrated in the above images are based on EACH MEMBER OF OUR NETWORK REFERRING 3 NEW MEMBERS IN 14 DAYS


Success is a process of progress. It does NOT happen overnight and requires a little bit of patience and 100% effort on your part. It's so much easier to reach your goal with a blueprint for success in advance. If you are SERIOUS about enjoying long term financial stability as a member of our Network, "everything" you need to succeed is already in place and ready to be utilized.                   



Members of our Network can use this "Invite Offer" as a Marketing Tools to help refer NEW members, if needed. This will eliminate the need of spending unnecessary time and money trying to refer new members to our Network when it's NOT necessary. You just sit back and relax while "Technology" does all the work for you. You can send this "Invite Offer" [via email] to 10 recipients at one time. If you enjoyed reading it, so will other people you know. 





Our Network of members are sick and tired of being content, contained, and confined to their employer, living environment, quality of life, and financial situation. 




Finally, there is a simple, realistic, and extremely affordable concept for the MILLIONS of individuals/families wanting, needing, and expecting more out of life than what's currently available to them. The American Dream is NOT "free or cheap". However, it's now EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE for members of our Network! 



How much are your monthly expenses? I'm talking about All of your monthly expenses. Now, multiply that number by six. That's how much money you will be spending out-of-pocket for the next six months. How many times over the next six months are you going to spend $37.50 on the basic necessities of life? How much of your income will you be spending when compared to how much you will be able to save over the next six months? MOST individuals work their ENTIRE adult life ONLY to spend more money than you save. Yet, fail to realize your value to the economy. For all the above mentioned reasons, it's time consumers learn how to convert their buying power into leverage and opportunity!


Instead of pouring MOST of your income right back into the economy week after week, let's take a different approach in order to get better results. Are you willing to take a SMALL portion of the money you are ALREADY spending to join a Network of members committed to Pay Yourself 1st -INSTEAD OF- Everyone Else? 



TODAY, all you need is $12.50 to take the FIRST step to following a PATHWAY to making the American Dream a REALITY over the course of six months. What in this world could be MORE IMPORTANT than spending such a small amount of money in order to give you and your family a better quality of life year after year. PLEASE stop putting off until tomorrow something you and your family need and deserve so desperately today!



I mean seriously, who would have ever imagined a Network of members being able to follow a PATHWAY to making the American Dream A REALITY every six months for ONLY $37.50? The impossible only exist when we allow it to become possible. Together, we are unstoppable! 



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Let me be the FIRST to welcome YOU as the NEWEST member of our Network! We are about to have lots of fun and make lots of money Networking together!


After paying your membership fee head over to the Social Media Platform complete your profile and start earning those "CREDIT POINTS"... 


Best wishes for success,   

Barry Davis

Founder & CEO  [I Got My 3 “Discounted Membership Products and Services”]


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